New Crypto ICOs to Invest in September 16: Tamadoge, EnsoFinance, WeSendIt, EstateX

(Source: Sajad Nori)

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Despite the ongoing crypto bear market and a September downturn following a strong August, crypto presales and initial coin offerings remain one of the best places to make good returns.

Presales and ICOs usually offer cheaper entry points for tokens and projects, with investors able to get ahead of the curve and earn profits before the rest of the market follows suit.

Here we take a look at a number of crypto presales and ICOs that could be well worth investment.

Tamadoge – Play-to-Earn Game with Meme Coin Potential

Tamadoge has been enjoying one of the best presales of the year with more than $17 million raised and less than 10% of the presale token allocation remaining.

Its native token, TAMA, will power the Tamaverse – an ecosystem and coin that combines NFT ownership with a play-to-earn game with meme coin potential for growth.

Holders of TAMA will be able to mint an NFT pet at the end of the year, with owners feeding and caring for their pet to make it grow. The pets can have food, treats and toys bought for them in the pet store, eventually growing and doing battle against other pets.

Players will battle for position on a global leaderboard, with prizes and rewards up for grabs.

The pets, which will be 3D, will later jump off the screen when Tamadoge releases an augmented reality app, allowing players to go out into the real world to hunt for prizes and tokens.

The TAMA token boasts strong tokenomics, with a max supply of 2 billion coins and a deflationary mechanism that will see 5% of every pet store transaction burned.

Visit the Tamadoge Presale Now

EnsoFinance – Social App for DeFi Strategies

EnsoFinance is a social protocol that allows users to design and share investment plans with each other on the native app and explore strategies from top investors around the world.

Users can not only pick and choose lending protocols, yield farms or alpha pool, but also observe moves and strategies of others and develop a financial community.

The protocol bills itself as an ‘aggregator of aggregators’, allowing users to share and leverage ideas and strategies with others, as well as compete with others for the chance to win prizes.

EnsoFinance uses a non-custodial social trading software built on Ethereum. The exact date of the crypto project’s ICO is so far unconfirmed, but the project has already raised millions from early investors such as Polychain Capital and DFinity.

WeSendIt – Established File Transfer Platform Migrating to Web3

WeSendIt is a long-established firm that has been operating for more than a decade in Web2, allowing users to safely and quickly send large files (images, data etc) to an email address for free.

The company already has more than 3.5 million users in 150 countries globally and now wants to develop its Web3 capabilities, allowing for the decentralization of file sharing and making sharing anonymous.

Users will also be able to earn WSI tokens for using the service, while early token holders will be able to claim on a 15 million token airdrop, which mean could could be one of the best ICOs to invest in.

The presale is ongoing.

Kryptview – ‘Research-to-Earn’ Platform Rewarding Content Creators

Kryptview is billed as a ‘research-to-earn’ platform that allows members of its community to share research and insight on projects and tokens for rewards.

It uses a peer-to-peer model to reward users for creating and providing rigourous analysis on new and existing projects in the space.

Essentially, the platform wants to be a learning resource for investors, with information found on social media and the internet often being biased and subjective.

Users are rewarded with the native KVT coin for generating content, which is reviewed and rated by the community.

The protocol will also allow users to share their portfolios, with further rewards to be earned if it performs well.

According to CoinMarketCap, the presale will begin on October 13.

EstateX – Project to Revolutionize Real Estate and Property Investment

EstateX wants to revolutionize property and real estate ownership, opening it up to individuals to whom the market may not have previously been open.

The project is promising hassle-free ownership, with management of the housing projects and development taken out of investors’ hands and fractionalized ownership meaning you can buy into a project for as little as $100.

All ownership will be hosted on the blockchain to ensure transparency and security, while a DAO will determine which projects are invested in.

The presale not yet underway with investors able to sign up for a whitelist space ahead of the private token sale. The ESX token will be available at a 50% token discount during presale, with the project promising to offer staking and NFTs in the future.