Illinois adult-use cannabis sales in March were up 9.8% sequentially to a  $148.9 million, which was up by more than the increase in the length of the month. The gain was 10.4% from a year ago:

adult-use cannabis sales in March

After increasing 106% in 2021, 13% in 2022 and then 5% in 2023, year-to-date adult-use sales are up 9.1% in 2024 to $492 million. During March, sales to non-residents were 23.1%:

The state separately releases sales from its medical program, and the release for March was published earlier this month. Sales rose 6.1% sequentially to $25.9 million, which was down 10.7% from a year ago:

the release for March

For March, combined adult-use and medical sales totaled a record $174.8 million, which was rose 9.2% sequentially and up 6.7% from a year ago:

Total sales of $1.96 billion in 2023 were up 3% from 2022. So far in 2024, sales have increased 6% from the start of 2023.