His Excellency Ambassador Justin Sun Is Going to Space in 2022

Source: A video screenshot, Twitter/@justinsuntron

“His Excellency” Justin Sun is off to space – and he’ll be representing Grenada when he’s up there.

No, Cryptonews.com isn’t making this stuff up (although we wish we were). Per a tweet from the Tron (TRX) founder, “six months ago,” he was “lucky enough to win” an auction to be part of the Jeff Bezos-founded firm Blue Origin’s first commercial New Shepherd flight.

And not only will Sun head for the cosmos – he also wants to take “five warriors” to “explore” space with him in 2022.

In the tweet’s replies, one Twitter user either ramped up the sarcasm or piled on the praise.

And it appears this is no out-of-season April Fool’s gag: A Blue Origin post confirmed that “H.E. Justin Sun, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Grenada to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Founder of Tron would indeed become the “first Grenadian, international diplomat and blockchain industry leader to go up to space,” adding:

“He will be bringing the Grenadian flag with him on his voyage.”

The story doesn’t end there. The “warriors,” he explained “shall hold a special status in their field while having a strong will to explore space.”

And the Tron boss teased their identities, claiming:

“Our first nominee will be a prominent figure in the crypto world who is crazy about cruising in Metaverse. Guess who?”

The “second nominee” will “be a Tron DAO community member with a strong passion for space,” he added, while the next will be an “entrepreneur in the tech field who has a vision for the future and welcomes innovation in all technology-related fields.” The remaining two slots will be filled by an artist and a “highly visible and socially influential celebrity.”

Sun explained that he had bid, along with some 2,600 others, for a seat on a Blue Origin flight in June this year, paying USD 28m for his winning bid. But, he added, he had had to pass on taking the flight due to a scheduling conflict.

It appears that Sun has made an arrangement with Blue Origin that will allow him to take a flight on the craft next year instead. The craft is a sub-orbital journey, which will see the New Shepherd leave the atmosphere for about 11 minutes.

Meanwhile, per a Tron-issued press release, Sun yesterday “arrived at the WTO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland,” where he was officially unveiled in his new role. As befits his new title, Sun may officially “reside in Geneva and hold meetings with relevant WTO officials,” the release’s author noted.
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