The White House on Wednesday announced a goal to make all new light-duty vehicles purchased for the federal fleet electric by 2027, and to make all federal vehicle acquisitions electric by 2035.

As a first step toward President Biden’s previously discussed goal of making the entire federal fleet electric, this was one of several new environmental goals announced Wednesday, including aspirations to make 100% of federal electricity purchases carbon-free by 2030, and net-zero emissions from all federal procurement no later than 2050.

Biden has held true to many of the EV-friendly positions he maintained when he was a candidate. In addition to setting a goal for more federal electric vehicles, the EPA has indicated that it will revisit emissions standards, and legislation has been put forward to expand charging infrastructure and the federal EV tax credit.

USPS Next Generation Delivery Vehicle - Oshkosh Defense

USPS Next Generation Delivery Vehicle – Oshkosh Defense

The infrastructure plan that passed in November was the first step, but Build Back Better legislation will cover other aspects like the EV tax credit. The $2 trillion infrastructure plan does include funding for the start of a network of 500,000 charging stations, as well as electrical grid upgrades.

Granted, the administration has already passed on one opportunity to make an important segment of the federal fleet electric.

A new United States Postal Service contract for new mail trucks, which left only 10% of the future fleet all-electric, pushed federal fleet procurement into the spotlight earlier this year. A report published earlier this year found that 97% of light-duty vehicles and buses in the federal fleet could be replaced with EVs by 2030, although that total didn’t include USPS mail delivery vehicles.